Fire Door Repairs

Anyone managing or responsible for a building must ensure that the fire doors are in good and effective working order.

Once a comprehensive Fire Door Survey has been completed you can use this information to obtain quotes for the repair work.We have a team of qualified professionals to complete Fire Door Remedial Repairs in Oxfordshire and around the UK. Using your Fire Door Survey (if appropriate) we work through the problems noted on each door and make any repairs or alterations each fire door requires, to ensure that when the work is complete your fire doors are left in effective working order.A fully working fire door will help protect lives and your building by:
  • Holding back fire and smoke to ensure the means of escape can be safely and effectively used during a fire.
  • Slowing the spread of fire which can reduce the amount of damage a building suffers during a fire.
As someone responsible for Fire Safety you need to know that all of your fire doors are in good working order and that they are maintained to that effect. You can easily make it our job to help you achieve this. We can take the stress and worry out of this aspect of your Fire Safety Strategy.
example of a defective door closer

Are you confident your doors will perform in the event of fire?

Many fire doors are not subject to regular maintenance and assessment like they should be, and if they are damaged their integrity will be compromised and they may not perform as expected. It is essential that they are inspected and maintained to ensure compliance with relevant Fire Safety Legislation.

From our experience we understand that many Maintenance Departments within businesses don’t have the time it takes be undertake Fire Door Surveys alongside their other work and some do not have the relevant qualifications to conduct this particular type of survey. But there should be a clear maintenance and repair programme in place and we can help you achieve this.

Fire Door Frame surveys and repairs

We are also able to complete intrusive sampling surveys of Fire Door Frames to ensure they have been fitted to the walls correctly.

If the frames are not fitted correctly then the fire doors integrity will be compromised.

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