Fire Compartmentation Surveys

Anyone managing or responsible for a building has to ensure that the fire compartmentation is intact.

We provide comprehensive Fire Compartmentation Surveys across Oxfordshire and the UK so that you can ensure you know the condition of your walls and floors and that they will be effective in a fire. From a Fire Compartmentation Survey, you will also know what maintenance and repair work is required on any walls, floors and ceilings, so that they can be maintained to the standards required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We can provide intrusive and non-intrusive Fire Compartmentation Surveys.

We only send qualified professionals to complete the surveys.

Once the survey is completed the findings will be put in a table with photos and marked up on a plan so that you know where the breaches are so they can be repaired.

Example of poor filling of a breach to the compartmentation
Example of a breach in the compartmentation

Are you confident your walls, floors and ceilings along the fire compartmentation line are fully intact without any breaches?

Many areas along the fire compartmentation line can be mostly unseen (true ceilings above false ceilings, areas in boiler rooms etc) and if they are damaged their integrity will be compromised and they may provide a route for fire and smoke to work its way through your building. It is essential that they are inspected and maintained to ensure compliance with the relevant Fire Safety Legislation.

What is the purpose of Fire Compartmentation Lines?

  • They sub-divide a building to protect certain areas such as escape routes
  • They prevent smoke and fire from travelling to all parts of a building
  • They can protect parts of the building from damage

There should be a clear maintenance and repair programme in place and we can help you achieve this.  We find that many fire compartmentation breaches are caused by Engineers installing cables etc and not filling holes around them or they fill them with incorrect materials, which means that regular checking is required.

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